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by Dr. Cornelius Van Til ... But, if anything, it is still more pointedly true of Christian instruction in particular than of Christianity in general that it is based upon the idea of the antithesis. ... In seeking to bring out something of the antitheses in education we wish first of all to stress the fact that there is really only one antithesis.
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The Antithesis in Educational Philosophy. Posted on 11 September, 2015 by scottjacobsen · van til. “The whole Christian church is based upon the antithesis idea. But, if anything, it is still more pointedly true of Christian instruction in particular than of Christianity in general that it is based upon the idea of the antithesis.
Educational theories of van til 1 the educational theories of cornelius van til daniel j ribera in partial van til, c (1990a) antithesis in education. Cornelius van til proving yet again that there are no brute facts all facts must be interpreted. In defense of the eschaton is an anthology of william d dennison's essays on the reformed
Cornelius Van Til. Only upon a Reformed basis can God really be made central in education. This is true because only in the Reformed system are Christ and the Holy Spirit really central in education. The Reformed view .... The antithesis between the Christian and the non-Christian principle is therefore absolute. There are
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witness in the lab before unbelieving colleagues that science is possible and meaningful only if Christianity is true.31 Van Til, in fact, spoke of a comprehensive task of believers to eliminate sin from the universe, though he warned that this would never be fully accomplished in this life.32 The moral task given to Christians
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Second, Van Til wrote extensively, on the one hand, about the antithesis between believing and unbelieving thought (rooted in each person's fundamental posture ... and cannot be taught anywhere else; see Cornelius Van Til, “Antithesis in Education,” in Foundations of Christian Education: Addresses to Christian Teachers,
The Importance of Van Til's Educational Theories There are several reasons why the educational theories of Cornelius Van Til are important. ... He often speaks of the antithesis between theists, (as he would call those that believe in the self-attesting God of scripture) and anti-theists (those that presuppose in their thinking

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